Pied Bluecap dilemma.

Includes Species Profile
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Location: Midwest of West.Aust.Coast

Congratulations, first of all, on your successful breeding program. Like Arthur says, if the mutation is in the parents, regardless of if they are 1st cousins or 1 million times removed, it will show up. Hope you have other pairs doing OK to breed these young to. Obviously you are most likely to give preference to the normal chicks when providing mates. But the more bluecaps you breed the happyier you will make those of us who were worried about them dying out.
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In regards to your concern that the pied gene may pollute the gene pool, If you split the pair the genetics would still be there but may not be visible therefore more likely to spread without notice. That would be counter active to your plans. On the other hand if you're adamant to who you sell your young to that they are managed properly then there's no harm in continuing with them as they are. I'd keep them together but would distinguish between them and your 'pure' stock. As was previously stated we would rather have pied blue caps then no blue caps at all
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