Goldfinches on eggs....finally

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Good luck with your pairs Garymc. They seem to be doing the right thing and with your experience I think you have a better shot at it that most of us.

they are a difficult bird/

I had two pairs in two separate aviaries complete nests only to pull them down. Both pairs synchronized this effort with the same tenacity and by the end of the hour both nests were gone. I suspect they have rebuilt and I have not seen one hen for a while so I may leave them for now.

I moved my goldies in with a pair of Oriental Green finches and this move seemed to spark both species into breeding.

Greenfinches are easier to breed from what I know and hear. There is a fellow I know with more OGFs and pied Goldfinches and I plan on visiting him this year. Maybe the mutations due to the generations of captive breeding may be easier to breed??

Fostering the goldfinch eggs out is always a good back up plan. That is why I am running many pairs of yellow siskins and some canaries. If raised with other young canaries they seem to settle a lot quicker...thats what i have noticed with a mates birds who breeds and fosters goldfinches.

Regardless I will always keep a pair of wild goldfinches. That song lights up my morning.

Just like with my Oriental greenfinches and lineolated parrot projects....I will get there with the goldfinch...may just take a little longer.
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