European Goldfinch Diet

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Craig52 wrote: 03 Dec 2017, 09:04 Thank you very much for that information batuhan, it's a shame not many breeders in Aus breed goldfinches as most are wild caught. Some breeders including myself have bred them or hybridized them with canaries to produce mules for their song.
You are right though, they don't need much live food but they will eat it if supplied. Other than that, a product called greens and grains and plenty of oil type seeds/ greens in the way of milk thistle flowers and leaves plus an egg food gets them through. Craig
"live food but they will eat it if supplied."
Then please dont supply them live food
Espicially in hot days/month.
You can feed European goldfinches with animal foods very very little during breeding season only. And nestlings being fed with animal foods (not more than %10 in total foods) untill 10 days age much enough.
Please Do NOT forget European goldfinches are granivorous/seed-eating birds not insectivorous/insect eating birds.
European goldfinches feed with MILKY SEEDS (in Spring and early Summer monthes) in the wild.
In captivity instead of Milky seeds we can provide sprouted/germinated seeds to European goldfinches.
%90 Seeds . %7other plants %3 animal foods throughout year.
Fella !!!!.......please, please don't keep going on about this insectivorous / granivorous subject all of the time, you seem to talk about nothing else but this subject,
We've all had this out with yer a few weeks / months back on the well known BBIA ( British birds in aviculture ) forum if yer remember rightly and you literally pissed off a lot of well known and experienced British finch fanciers on the forum and these are experienced bird men who have had Glodies most of there lives :problem:

Most people on the Aussie finch forum are Australian and are highly experienced fanciers and to be fair are quite possibly some of the worlds most experienced finch breeders, I think most will know how to breed Goldies :lolno:

Please take note as yer gonna end up pissing off more people because yer seem to think that your way is the only way :roll:

Remember some of these posts :yawn:

Are you lawer of all of European goldfinch breeders?
I am sure they can answer me much much better than you.
I just want to share my breeding experince and some Scientific Researhes about this subject with goldfinch breeders .in Scientific Researhes Show that goldfinch parents feed their nestlings with MILKY SEEDS mostly.But very very little amount feed with animal foods.
İn Captivity many breeders loose nestlings after hatching in a few days or after flight.Overmuch animal foods causes to die nestlings.
Only first 7- 10 days nestlings might be fed with animal foods in small quantities. In hot summer days much much less .
If you want when I come to your Country I can tell you about this subject in details.
But the problem is You say to me RUDELY : "don't keep going on about this insectivorous / granivorous subject all of the time, you seem to talk about nothing else but this subject"
Dont talk like this OK?
Be good ,be quite,be polite Dont be RUDE...
Then I have to say : Keep your nose out of my business .....
Nib out
Mmm........well fella !!!

To put it mildly I'm not being rude in the slightest, if anything is to go by yer actually the one who has had a bit of an attitude problem as a whole IE on the BBIA forum for starters and is why many had some issues and disagreements with yer about this subject aswell as others, if yer wanted to be respected and gain a bit of a reputation on the forum there are ways of doing it and not by pissing people off :yawn:

Noticed that you've not been on the BBIA for quite some time and to be honest It's not exactly difficult to see why as you've already had many disapprove of yer antics and rather bold statements aswell as the uncomfortable friction that was caused :roll:

In basic terms I'd very much doubt that many are interested in what you've gotta say,

Maybe if yer were more genuine and speak sence and try not to influence people into your way of keeping birds and making out that " your " way is the only way then maybe some of us might actually wanna listen :roll:

Any how that's all I've gotta say on the matter because I really can't see this going anywhere like it never did on the BBIA forum :problem:
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