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Castle Hill bird sale

Posted: 16 Jul 2019, 15:42
by E Orix
I had the misfortune of attending the Castle Hill bird sale on Sunday. I do not know how the organisers worked out
the layout but did they get it wrong.
Who ever decided to set up the pavilion needs to think more about the sellers and buyers.
Why they decided to give so much space to the trade tables is beyond me. All it did was jam up the walk ways which
meant people had to push through the crowd, access to the birds on sale was a battle and sellers struggled all day.
Having access to the hall prior to the sale I had chance to walk around and view what was on offer.
The range of finches was quite reasonable and it was a pity that conditions collapsed when the buyers were let in.
Available species on offer were numerous R Siskins,Parrot Finches, Orange Cheek W/Bills, Chaffinches, Singers,
Yellow Rumps, Blue Caps and Weavers to name a few.
We left early and I doubt if we will go back again.

Re: Castle Hill bird sale

Posted: 22 Jul 2019, 12:55
by noah.till
That should not be allowed, at least the club sales that I attend and help set up for, birds are the first priority, then trade tables which means if their is not enough room inside for the trade tables, they can be more than easily can be put outside under big gazebos.
Birds sales need to have to flow with people so that everyone gets a chance to view each table, and easily be able to purchase birds and supplies without someone barging into them from behind. Obviously the organizers were ignorant to the layout of the sale and did not take much into consideration
Thanks for the report
Noah Till

Re: Castle Hill bird sale

Posted: 07 Aug 2019, 12:24
by klwklw
i used to go to a poultry auction in berry nsw and i found the same thing,the aisles were packed no one could move so if you wanted to go back and check a lot you might want,the people were crammed in and you got no chance.the organisers would say how successful it always was but it has never changed so i have never been back either,no comfort for buyers.