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Latin Name:
Lonchura leucogastroides

Other Names:
Javan Munia

None known

Adult –The face and breast are black.The back and wings are an brown.The rump Is black.The tail Is a dark brown.The underparts and belly are white with differing amounts of black specks.The mandible is black.The irides are black.The feet and legs are black.These are monomorphic birds.Average length of 110mm and average weight of of 9 grams.

Juveniles –The Juveniles are dark brown with lighter underparts.

Hybrid Risks:
Don’t house with any other munia/manikin species as will hybridise.

Health Concerns:
Typically amongst Lonchura family Is overgrown toenails.

Basic Breeding Info:
Average Clutch Size: 4 to 6 eggs
Incubation Period: 13 to 15 days
Leave nest: 20 days
Independence: 28 days

Approximate cost per pair in Australia:
Queensland: $75 (QFS 2013)
Victoria: (ASA 2013)
New South Wales:
South Australia:
Western Australia:
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