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03 Jul 2013, 06:56


At their first meeting for 2013, the Asssociated Birdkeepers of Australia (ABA) voted to take on the role of the peak body for the import of relevant avian genetic material into Australia. It is a role in which other groups have proved unsuccessful in the past.
As soon as retired avian veterinarian Dr. Paul Gilchrist BVSc FANZCVS contacted the ABA regarding a proposed new Post Entry Quarantine facility, it took steps to ensure aviculture was not forgotten.
The ABA is focused on “watching over” regulations and tasks related to aviculture in Australia and considers it very important that the facility provides for all bird keepers – those who wish to import or export one or two birds as well as those with large avicultural consignments.

“The current committee of the ABA is focused on tasks committed to the benefit of aviculture and aviculturists in Australia. It is not centred on self-interest” ABA President, Craig Jeffery said.
The proposed facility, to be built at Mickleham near Melbourne airport, will replace all current quarantine housing. The designated avian area has apparently been designed for current needs but appears hardly adequate to accommodate those requirements and it is also unclear how it could be expanded to meet any future demands.
“The Federal Government has granted $399 million over a seven-year period to this project, which is planned to open in 2018.” Mr. Jeffery said, “As a stakeholder, it is imperative the ABA does what it can to see aviculture is appropriately catered for”.

The ABA will do everything it can to fight the increase in bird smuggling which has occurred since the National Exotic Bird Registration Scheme (NEBRS) was abandoned in 2002 and to ensure an adequate, safe and legitimate avenue for importing new bird species is achieved.
Although not all aviculturists are interested in importation, it is of vital importance to all bird keepers that any imported avian genetic material is disease-free. The devastation caused recently in the pigeon industry with the paramyxovirus is an example of how quickly an unchecked virus can sweep through the country and the permanent effect it can have.

The ABA has employed Dr. Gilchrist in a professional advisory role to undertake appropriate feasibility studies for avian genetic material, which must be given approval for import by the Department of Environment before any further consideration can be given by the relevant authorities. A sub-committee has been set up by the ABA to work with Dr. Gilchrist on this project.
The ABA has made submissions to the Animal Biosecurity section of the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) and also to the Import Market Access Advisory Group (IMAAG).
The ABA allocated $10,000 for his assignment (protocol). Dr. Gilchrist has completed his task at a cost of $8,105.00.
• A new regulation has been implemented in W.A. to charge aviculturists a fee to inspect stock at points of departure or arrival.
• ABA Secretary, Errol Miller has stood down as General Secretary.

Bruce Bradford. ABA Delegate.
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03 Jul 2013, 07:22

Import market Access Advisory Group? Who are they?
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04 Jul 2013, 11:34

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