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AFF Trade Table 2017 Victoria

Posted: 10 May 2017, 21:06
by gomer
I would just like to let members know that there will be no AFF trade table at any sales this year except Hamilton and Ararat. Last year I took three months long service leave so i missed most sales. Unfortunately on December 1st 2016 there was a massive power interruption to S.A, parts of Victoria and my work place that previously used 10 % of Victoria's electricity. 75% of the workforce were put of forced leave as over 75% of the plant ( Portland Aluminium) was lost on that day. Five months later The plant is only less then 50 % capacity and no leave is allowed until atleast August unless special circumstances. Previous years I have always taken leave on weekends that I am rostered to work to attend birdsales. I apoligise to members as Hamilton and Ararat are the only two sales I am able to attend this year. ... ty/8092256

Postal orders are still available for members .Just a note with postal orders.I am a shift worker most members order before they run out or dont expect a product the next day. These products are sold for your benefit all monies go back to the forum costs.