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Shane Gowland
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Hi all!

When I first joined the forum, there was a great shoutbox where people would chat about how their aviaries were doing, and answer simple questions about finchkeeping. At some point it the shoutbox disappeared, and with it went the only way to have real-time group chats with other forum members.

Today, live chat returns to Aussie Finch Forum. There's a new page that's just for chat—a chatroom of sorts—that's accessible from the menu at the top. You'll also see a number next to the Live Chat link, which indicates the number of users currently chatting. If you're active in chat and a new message is received, it will make a little sound or give you a notification.

One particularly exciting feature about the live chat is that it can notify you of any new topic/reply posted to the forum while you're chatting. While logged in, you'll now be able to see everything that's happening on the forum without having to refresh the page.

Messages posted in the live chat will be purged every couple of month, so knowledge shared there will be quickly lost. It's for that reason that I'd ask that discussions about finch keeping be kept to the traditional forum. That way, information is preserved and can easily be found by people searching the forum, or finding forum topics via a Google Search.

I hope you all enjoy using the new Live Chat, and find it improves your experience on AFF. As always, I'm open to feedback and suggestions.


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Location: Victoria Australia

Great to see you bring it back Shane. It disappeared along time ago when there was a upgrade and the new upgrade could not accommodate the old shout box for some reason.
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