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18 Jun 2016, 01:51

Hi I am new to Goulding finches, I have owned society s for a wile though.
Three days ago I bought a pair of gouldians and a few hours after I got home they started to get into some squabbles so I got them a Niger cage hoping it would resolve the problem. But the fighting has gotten worse and worse to the point I just separated them in different cages. Because they were really going at it. For the most part it's the male chasing the female around aggressively, but I have also seen her taunting him. I really wanted them to work, any suggestions??? Should I reintroduce them in a few days or is it one of those thing were they just will never get along??
Thanks so much!!
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Location: Midwest of West.Aust.Coast

18 Jun 2016, 20:51

What size cage are you putting them in? What size cages are they used to being in? Perhaps they are feeling crowded? Perhaps they had different mates, and are now peeved at being put up close and personal with this stranger. If so the side by side cages for a week should help.
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