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Hi Everyone
I used to breed Zebra finches but now Im trying Gouldians.
I have had two die so far unexpectedly.
I was thinking possibly from night fright or the cold.
Lost one yesterday, thinking it could be from the cold nights that are starting to creep in.
My aviary gets the morning sun, but it will start to get very cold here soon.
Any advise on what to cover the aviary at night with in order to prevent more mortalities?
They seem to be a very delicate breed and not as robust as the Zebras!
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Location: Midwest of West.Aust.Coast

Welcome to the forum. Gouldians are definately not as robust as Zebs. But that said. They are more robust than some would imagine. Morning sun is a great start. Wind protection is essential. Cafe blinds are used by many members to roll down when the cold winds come and over night in winter.
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Hello, welcome to the forum! :)

As finchbreeder has said, Gouldians are quite tolerant of low temperatures, but keep them well protected from draughts.
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