Are Dandelion Leaves poisonous for Gouldians

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I doubt it is Coccidiosis. The birds would show symptoms like puffed up fluffy feathers, weeping eyes, runny nose, etc. Coccidiosis kills birds over a period of days and you notice if they are unwell.

The fact the birds were fine in the afternoon but died over night, would suggest nocturnal predators startling the birds and they panic fly into the wire, crack their skulls and die.

You might have had a new neighbour move into the area with a cat, feral cats roam and might have wandered into your area. Owls might have moved in. Rats or mice might have moved into the area.

If you don't have a cat trap, get one and set it every day. See if any cats are visiting your birds at night. You can buy cat traps from online or bird shops, or you can hire them from most councils. Put a can of sardines in an old sock and hang the sock in the cat trap. If any cats are coming around at night, they will go for the sardines and get caught. You can then call the RSPCA to come and take the cat, or kill it. Keep setting the trap for at least a month because there could be numerous cats in the area including kittens now its spring.

If you do catch a cat and give it to the RSPCA, photograph it first and keep the pictures. Sometimes the RSPCA give the cat back to its owner and the cat will simply come back to your birds the next night. If you get a repeat offender, kill it.

Check around the aviary for mouse and rat holes or poop. You can get small animal traps for mice and rats and these can be used around the outside of the aviary. Have them set 24/7 and see if anything turns up.

Go outside randomly during the night with a torch or spotlight and see if anything is hanging around the aviary. If you notice red eyes around or above the aviary you have a problem. Shine the spotlight into the trees and see if you can spot owls or mammals.
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Location: Midwest of West.Aust.Coast

Hope that the problem has now been resolved.
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dude you got rats or even worse ine of the scary looking antichinus or however you spell it.

theyll munch em and drop em on the ground in a pile.
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