What are peoples thoughts of this combination

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Location: Midwest of West.Aust.Coast

You could have a pair of Gouldians and a pair of African Fires in that avairy just fine, or 4 male Gouldians and a pair of AF. And all with the quartet of quail. I have a family of 5 quail in a slightly bigger avairy with finches and no problems. But budgies are not compatable with quail as you have observed. And with finches you can have a planted hanging basket of ornamental grasses/small native plants that look good and provide a finch haven.
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Thanks for the reply. It's nice to know that the Gouldians and African Fires will get along.

If any of the birds do manage to breed the offspring will be removed and sold on or worst case the eggs will be boiled and returned until the hen loses interest. The intent with the aviary is NOT to breed but to have an ornamental feature in the garden. If I let birds breed it is in a breeding cage not in a colony situation. Less chance of injuries or deaths that way. I'm afraid my choice of the word "pair" has given the wrong impression of my intent. I should have used the word two.
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