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Skylark topic
Moving it out of the wanted section.
It was suggested overhead water sprinklers.
They are on my large flights but I rarely use them.
With nesting areas changing they can flood out good areas that have evolved.
It has to be overly hot for me to even consider using them and then I only turn them on for
short bursts to up the humidity. These days i use small rose type sprinklers and open hoses to wet areas I want.
I am fortunate to have my own water bore and I use a massive amount of it.
There was a mention about the Sky Larks nesting in flower pots. This is an interesting concept and
really should be considered. Ground nesting birds a continually looking for higher ground to nest, laying in a flower
pot solves this. I am considering setting some pots 2/3rds into the ground, nearly fill them and located under grass clumps.
If this works it would at last give me a chance to see my Sky Larks nests. I breed a reasonable number each year and can't
ever remembering seeing a nest of eggs or chicks. The chicks just turn up.
My aviary is only 2.4 m high and they cope well(flying),the cock birds pick a high spot and sing from there.
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