How many birds per m²

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I know this is a beginners question and I have tried the search on this forum, but it gave me 8000+ hits without direct reference to the question ... Something I must be doing wrong.

My aviary is about 5m x 2,2m and between 2,20 and 2,50 in hight. According to the basic rule of one pair of finches per 0,5m² , this aviary could be home to aprox. 20 pairs. In theory. [Combined info of finch info and a germany based forum]

Would that be correct according to the expertise you have with australian finches?

I never intended to 'fill' my aviary. There are three pairs now, one gouldian, one plum headed finch pair and a seagreen PF.
But I have a unique opportunity to get three pairs of double bars, which are very hard to find over here. With these you never know, more so as they are young and don't sing yet. They could, in the 'worst' scenario, turn out to be all males. (So three new 'pairs' could in future turn out to be six pairs.)
The aviary is fully planted and dry eucalyptus branches in the top - do you think that space would be enough for six potentially pushy lonely birds? I know the owls can be preening cuties, - but also little devils!
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Location: Midwest of West.Aust.Coast

The number of birds calculator is fine in theory. But does not allow for the diferent types of birds prefering different parts of the avairy (observe which are low and which are high location users for yourself) Also - as you note - some birds are placid, some are pushy. I have not found my Double Bars to be pushy. With what you have I would get the Double Bars - if they are all males, you can swap in the future perhaps.
Planted is good - make sure there is room for flight where the dry branches are.
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It depends on what birds are being kept. You could have 1 pair of crimson finches in your aviary but 2 prs would kill each other. You could have 10 prs of shaft-tail (black heart finch) in there and they would be fine.

Most Australian finches are colony birds and live and breed in groups. Gouldians, double bars (owl finches), shaft tails, chestnut breasted finches and a few others actually do better when kept in groups of 10 or more. For best results, try to keep single species aviaries or keep species that are compatible. Gouldians and shaft tails will live together but the shaft tails will hinder the Gouldians and stop them breeding as well. Double bars should be fine with Gouldians and you might find the Gouldians limit the double bars breeding.

If you grow small species of Eucalyptus, Acacia, Grevillia and bottlebrush in 30-50cm posts, you can prune the plants and make then nice and bushy and the birds can have live plants in the aviary.

Watch the wire size with double bar finches because they are small and can squeeze out little gaps. They also sometimes get their head stuck in the gaps between the wire.
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