Meat ants.

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Location: Midwest of West.Aust.Coast

Amdro is a great product, but again only for outside the avairy. Use it at the sons place in the city all the time.
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It is horses for courses with ant products, depends on the species of ant that is causing the problem
In WA you can send your ants to the Ag Dept and they will ID them for you.
In Perth there are several common species of "tramp" ant present, none have ever bothered by birds in the aviary.

The most annoying is the green headed ant, medium size black ant with an iridescent black head that looks almost green in some light angles.
This ant has a nasty bite, which is why I try and control it in my garden. Amdro works well for these, it is a fat based bait (so shortish self life) and expensive, but you do not need to use much as the ants take it back to the nest and it poisons the queens.
Amdro will also control Bigheaded ants, these are much smaller and about 10% of the workers have a much larger head. They are just a nuisance and dig a lot of sand out from under your pavers and get into your pots.
The last common tramp ant in Perth is the odiferous ant, these are small to medium size black ant that have a pungent smell when crushed.
Amdro does not control these, but you can use pymethrin based products. I am not aware of any baits that work.

As always, nature abhors a vacuum. So when you get rid of one type of ant species another will take its place.

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