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finchbreeder wrote: 12 Feb 2020, 09:38 Enoggera Reservoir in The Gap in Brisbane's west
The company she works for are contracted by Local councils to revegitate and weed. State Govt regulations require the councils to do this. Lantana is apparently one of the biggest land based problems in the areas she is working, thats why I wondered. Most recent contact showed a pretty bare area with a creek running through that had apparently been dry the day before, but was now running. Take photos of the problem area, and forward to your local council. If no response send the same information to your state member of parliament.
I have emailed council 6 times on that issue. In fact, my local creek (the one I complained about) is a tributary of Enoggera Creek, the creek that runs through Enoggera Reservoir. Lantana is a pain at the Reservoir, most of the scrubland there is covered in it, and it has swallowed up the revegetation effort and native plants. There isn't as much lantana where I am, as it indeed has been swallowed up by elephant grass, singapore daisy and giant reed.
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Daughters last e-mail also said that the rain has encouraged the weeds no end. :think: So her job security had improved. :silent: I did teach my kids to look at the positive side of everything. :shifty:
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