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Are Gouldians the easiest to breed

Posted: 19 May 2020, 18:52
by E Orix
How aviculture has changed since the 1970's
This has come to mind after a surprise this morning.
This morning while checking some indoor holding aviaries I was greeted with 5 young Gouldians
all sitting in a row.Nothing outstanding by today's standards except I didn't know the Gouldians
were sitting especially when the only nest site available was a small nest box use earlier for a pair of Zebra Finches.
The top had been removed, little if any nesting material was available and their diet is a simple dry seed
mix and water as I do not want them to get fat.
That made me think back to the 70's, Gouldians were inexpensive around $48 a dozen yes for 12.
Virtually all wild caught and so soft to southern conditions. I remember my father in law having
Aktavite tins with light globes in them and placed under the nest box to keep the chicks warm.
Fledging young was a task and even then the major hurdle had to be faced when the young started to moult into adult plumage.
Losses could be in excess 40% which was sad and so frustrating.
Today they are totally domesticated and in my opinion they are well past the Zebra Finch as our easiest breeder.

Re: Are Gouldians the easiest to breed

Posted: 19 May 2020, 22:47
by Shane Gowland
I wouldn't put them past the zebra finch in terms of breeding ease, but they are extremely easy.

Last year I left a catching net on the ground in my holding aviary for a couple of days. When I returned, a pair of Gouldians had put a pile of nesting material on it and layed two eggs. Even being totally exposed on the floor of a crowded aviary didn't deter them.

I was mildly suprised this season when a pair hatched (and later fledged) four young from a small cane basket, containing almost no nesting material.

At least the blue mutations are around for anyone in need of a Gouldian breeding challenge... Though I hear they're getting easier and easier too.

Re: Are Gouldians the easiest to breed

Posted: 20 May 2020, 15:25
by noah.till
Hmmm this is quite an interesting
Zebs take a little bit to 'get going' with the breeding at first, with instead Goulds usually tend to hit the ground running usually raising chicks the first time round
My Goulds only have nested in brush their whole lives, only 1 time they nested in a box. They are currently on chicks in a nest that is pretty well just a branch as a platform with a couple strands of grasses....

Maybe they are the easiest... to get breeding successfully wise I would think so, they dont take much effort....on the other hand for hardiness and being 'bullet proof' zebs take the title for that

Who knows what Goulds will be like down the track, might take over zebs in the end.....

Noah Till

Re: Are Gouldians the easiest to breed

Posted: 20 May 2020, 19:55
by finchbreeder
You get pleasantly good results and heartbreaking losses with all finches. Just a bit easier with these two species.

Re: Are Gouldians the easiest to breed

Posted: 21 May 2020, 08:46
by Brisbane_Finches_333
I'd say gouldians are more difficult than Zebbies but nonetheless easy to breed. I personally think, though, that Zebbies are much hardier and are prone to a lot less illnesses.

I've got a split blue pair right now and they just fledged 5 about a week ago (after their first nest was spoiled by geckoes) and are already on their next nest.

Re: Are Gouldians the easiest to breed

Posted: 22 May 2020, 14:21
by mr skeeter
Not a lot different to breeding budgies just put boxes in and away they go, with both species.

Re: Are Gouldians the easiest to breed

Posted: 22 May 2020, 19:45
by finchbreeder
And like budgies, there is the odd pair. Usually the ones you really wanted to breed. That don't. Or muck it up.