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Hi folks
I live on the far northern outskirts of Brisbane, but will travel a reasonable distance for the right bird. Economics dictates that I need to add travel costs to purchase price to make it worthwhile.
I have searched high and low to find someone selling a bird with a good song, obviously a male. In my efforts I have ended up with 2 males and 2 hens. One male came with a 75cm flight cage and was too good a deal to pass up. He sings a little. The other male used to sing but now he has his lady he says nothing.
I want to go back to my original intention of having a good singer and will over time dispose of all the others.
Colouration is not important as I want a companion.
Thanks for your assistance
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Location: Midwest of West.Aust.Coast

A true German roller in order to sing brilliantly is taught, by another great singer, or by a recording of a great singer. I have had many canarys over the years and a great one is less than 25% Good luck in your search, they are worth it. And they will only sing during the breeding season, not during the other 2/3 of the year.
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