Gouldian unexpectedly passed away - could I get some advice?

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I'm wracking my brain trying to figure this out. So, last night at around 8 PM (20:00) one of my birds fell to the floor of their cage. She was very slightly moving, but was rotating her head and had her eyes open. So I got her warmed up in my palm and she got relaxed and fell asleep. She woke up later, hopped out of my hand, and laid on the floor. I took that as she wanted to be alone, so I put her in a quarantine cage. I got her nice and warm in there to try to help, and give her more comfort. As I suspected I would, I woke up to see she has passed away.

Now here's where I need advice... She was acting just fine yesterday. Zooming around the room, eating, drinking, just being her little birdy self. She was only 18 months old, and looked great. So she was acting fine and looked fine. So... what on Earth happened to her? I know we can't say for certain, but I figured those with more experience might be able to come up with an explanation. No one is sick, and as said she looked very healthy. I don' know if this is relevant, but she hasn't laid any eggs (even unfertile ones) for three or four months, so egg-binding did come to mind, but, again, she was acting fine earlier in that day and didn't look uncomfortable in the slightest.

There is one other bit related to this. I have one other bird that also hasn't laid any eggs for four months, so if you guys think the lack of eggs has anything to do with her death, then I want to be aware to see what I can do for this girl, too.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Gouldians generally lay seasonally. So it is normal to go for months without laying eggs. I would discount that as a concern.
Is there any possibility that anything could have frightened or startled her into banging into anyting? The rotating her head, could possibly be a response to banging it.
Is there any possibility that she could have ingested anything within the room that was not intended for her to eat? Sudden death, can be caused by poisoning.
Unfortunately anking the questions you may not have thought of is about all the help I can give.
Sorry for your loss.
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