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Dried mealworm

Posted: 08 Aug 2016, 13:10
by davlee
If I can't get live mealworm, is dried mealworm something that finches might eat?


Re: Dried mealworm

Posted: 08 Aug 2016, 15:25
by Shane Gowland
I saw these for sale at the bird store yesterday. I've no idea whether they would be as readily consumed as live mealworms.

The best way to find out would be to buy them and try them, I guess..

Re: Dried mealworm

Posted: 29 Dec 2021, 06:12
by gschneiders
A little bit late here but I thought I would give my input anyway.

I don’t have access to live mealworms either, so I buy freeze-dried MW that are readily available here in the USA. My gouldians did not like it nor did they touch it at all for months, until they got close to the beginning of the breeding season and the females started investigating the mealworms. Some birds like more than others, but once they know what it is, they eat it regularly. The bigger the flock of birds, the faster for them to experiment and start eating new foods.

Now I use the mealworm to mix their vitamins and they love them

Re: Dried mealworm

Posted: 29 Dec 2021, 15:56
by finchbreeder
Breeding season and/or curious fledglings are usually the easiest way to get birds to take different/new foods. Thanks for the info on how you went with the product.