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White-Eared Masks - Suggestiions?

Posted: 09 Oct 2021, 21:32
by Brisbane_Finches_333
Hi Everyone,

I'm getting a few pairs of White-Eared Masks soon to start a breeding program. Any suggestions for breeding them?


Re: White-Eared Masks - Suggestiions?

Posted: 10 Oct 2021, 19:06
by Craig52
Hi Aidan, glad you said a few prs. They like to be in a colony to breed successfully, single prs rarely do well. They also like to nest very low to the ground if not on the ground among tussock type plants but have bred successfully in strategically placed brush low down in the aviary.
The nest is basically Native grasses and lined with a few feathers and charcoal.
Down South here in Victoria they breed in our Winter but young survive really well but in Brissy i'm not sure but most likely the same in Winter up there.
This is another Native species that is wired to the Wet and Dry seasons to breed similar to lessor redbrows and a few other species.
Cheers Craig

Re: White-Eared Masks - Suggestiions?

Posted: 11 Oct 2021, 12:00
by arthur
What Craig said + large pieces of broken up white ants nests spaced in wide mesh 'brush containers' will be readily used for nest sites

Crushed charcoal & white feathers are 'turn-ons'