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stunted growth in chicks

Posted: 22 Oct 2021, 13:57
by Weekendbirder

Has anyone breeding Gouldians had underdeveloped chicks? My gouldians had four chicks, two of which fledged at 21 days..still not able to fly properly they always jump out of the nest box so I just leave them out. The other two chicks barely have feathers on their wings and still bald with pin feathers on head and the rest of the body. All four chicks were born at the same time...maybe a day or two at most apart. I am worried that the parents will get tired of feeding them since these two will not be fledging anytime soon. So far both parents are feeding all four chicks constantly. I started treating water with general antibiotics in case there is a bacteria or virus causing stunt. From the look of them one would think the chicks were born at least two weeks apart. I know the more chicks in the nest the longer it can take for all to fledge but this seems abnormal. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank You.

Re: stunted growth in chicks

Posted: 22 Oct 2021, 20:18
by finchbreeder
No idea why this would happen. But have seen oddly greater differences in chicks hatched close together on a few occassions over the years. In almost all cases they grow to be indistinguishable by the time they are in adult plumage. I would just increase the greens and seeds to the parents a little, and observe.

Re: stunted growth in chicks

Posted: 10 Sep 2023, 13:32
by sskmaestro
most probably cocci. I faced similar thing and treated with Baycox and things cleared.

Re: stunted growth in chicks

Posted: 10 Sep 2023, 22:51
by finchbreeder
You did read that the post you are replying to happened 2 yrs ago?