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Hi everyone

Posted: 14 Jul 2022, 19:44
by Joey
Hi AFF members, introducing myself and hope to learn about finches!
I purchased a pair of gouldians from a pet store, one of them must have been a split blue because it’s progeny from last year just produced a blue gouldian a few weeks ago along with a normal looking baby.
Wondering if I should keep the blue baby inside or outside at night, given night temperatures are in low single digits - I’m in Sydney.
They are kept in a small metal aviary which I have covered with clear plastic to keep out the wind but it’s still damn cold at night.
Have been reading the forum and seems like blues are troublesome mutation to keep alive let alone breed.
Anyway, keen to hear peoples thoughts.

Re: Hi everyone

Posted: 17 Jul 2022, 16:20
Welcome to the Forum, you are lucky both parents must be split for blue. As you need a blue gene from both parents to get a blue gouldian.

Re: Hi everyone

Posted: 17 Jul 2022, 23:20
by finchbreeder
Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on the Blue. Do not let them inbreed too much. Some would say at all. But strong birds can be allowed to do so one generation.