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How many times do a pair of zebra finches mate before they produce fertile eggs? Im sure each pair is different but my pair mated probably twice before she laid 5 eggs that havent hatched yet and im wondering if that was enough?
Yes they are mature enough
Yes they are a bonded pair
Yes they are healthy
Yes they have privacy and
Yes they have a great diet.

Thank you
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Location: Midwest of West.Aust.Coast

They usually do most of their mating when not being watched. In theory they only need to mate once per egg - I believe. How long since she started sitting? Are they in an outdoor avairy or an indoor cage? What sort of temperature? Usually the eggs will hatch pretty much to formula. But if it is cold and the hen sits lightly it can delay hatching. Recently came accross an incident of a Budgie egg hatching *5 days* after it was due. No miscount - this was a specialist breeder who documents and labels every egg. So I always allow an extra week, as the rest does the hen no harm.
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