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Posted: 20 Feb 2023, 13:56
by Jessica
We watched a YouTube video from a bird breeder here: and at 7:04 he mentions using a product called Pantasmoke which kills mites and is also good for birds' respiratory systems. Here is a link to the product: ... ke-tablets

We've been reading how difficult it can be to thoroughly eliminate mites in cages and wondered if this would be a good product to use. BTW OC Aviary (in the video) isn't sponsored by (and doesn't endorse) this company - he just mentions he uses it.

Have you'all heard of it or have any experiences you can share about it? We're also planning on incorporating diatomaceous earth in cage maintenance.

ps. we also have Amphotericin-B, Ronivet, S76 and multiple other medications and treatments. Seems every time any of us (family) hears of something, we get it. ;-). Now we're trying to figure out what to given when and what products can be combined and set a good maintenance schedule for cage-cleaning and bird heath. It's all overwhelming, to tell the truth. But worth it. Also, new cages set up early November - I don't think we have mites and I wouldn't know what they even look like but we're trying to be responsible and prepared!

Re: Pantasmoke?

Posted: 20 Feb 2023, 22:25
by BrettB
OK, this is next level stuff.
So you light a fire in your aviary and smoke out all of the mites, what could go wrong !!
There is another name for breathing in smoke, its smoking and we all know how healthy that is for people and animals
Even the pigeons in the video had more sense, they were trying to get out of there.


Re: Pantasmoke?

Posted: 21 Feb 2023, 10:10
by Craig52
As you are new to aviculture you guys are thinking way to far ahead. If your birds are healthy and you are feeding healthy foods and they want to breed just enjoy watching them and enjoying their antics. Please don't pump medication into them just in case. If one comes down ill remove it to a warm cage separate to others and get a diagnosis of what they are suffering from and treat it specifically with a medication until it recovers them place it back in the main cage with the others. Worrying about what could happen doesn't help you or your birds. Enjoy them for their short life span of only a few years.

Re: Pantasmoke?

Posted: 21 Feb 2023, 10:53
by finchbreeder
What the guys have both said. Healthy birds like healthy people, just need a good diet, and clean spacious living quarters.
Mites are rare in indoor avairies, they would have to be introduced by a new bird, or on something that is bought in.
If your birds are not constantly scratching and itchy - they are unlikely to have mites.

Re: Pantasmoke?

Posted: 21 Feb 2023, 15:25
by Jessica
Thank you all! I appreciate the input. We've lost five finches since this last November when we got them. A avian vet is four hours away (one way) and my dad thinks it's ridiculous to spend $250 on vet, driving 8 hours when the owl costs $100. He doesn't see things the way we do sometimes.

If I had known more about their medical needs at the time and had the right treatments, they might have lived. I will always be a contingency-type person. Four of the five losses were from new birds.

However, all your words hold a lot of weight so I will back off on my fussing. :-) We all appreciate your straight talk!