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are these finches happy?

Posted: 22 May 2023, 13:18
by kowalski
I will be adopting my finches, but today I went to a pet store so I could see some up close.

They had two society finches perched on top of the nest boxes (see picture). Are they cold and trying to get closer to the lamp, or is this just because they don't like the other perches in their cage? Also how much of the day do they spend sitting/sleeping like this? Is that normal or a sign they are not happy?

The one on the left seemed to be breathing a little heavy which made me wonder if they were OK.

Re: are these finches happy?

Posted: 22 May 2023, 18:57
by Craig52
No they both unwell. The one on the nest box has an extended lower bill. The other seems a bit puffed up as well.
If they have very scaley legs and their toe nails are extremely long they very old birds. Finches do puff up to trap heat in their feathers in Winter and flatten close to the body in summer. Maybe place in a heated cage at around 30⁰and add vitamins to their water and if you can, feed some greens.