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Red head ,white breast ,yellow back.

Posted: 04 Aug 2023, 23:52
by Buckalecs
I have a pair of orange/yellow head, white breast ,yellow backs , how can i get red headed,white breast,yellow backs.i also have a pair of red head ,white breast, green backs. would i pair the red head green backs to the orange head yellows? Would i get red head yellows from that ?
I live in the UK .
Thanks in advance.

Re: Red head ,white breast ,yellow back.

Posted: 05 Aug 2023, 12:24
by finchbreeder
Red head is dominant over orange/yellowhead.
But redhead can also be split for orange/yellowhead.
So the answer to what you will get is in their genes.
Cross them, you may get redheads or orange/yellow, or both.