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New member

Posted: 08 Sep 2023, 00:05
by Willthebird
Hello everyone I'm brand new to the forum!
I have two pairs of gouldians in a large double flight cage but I'm soon upgrading to an indoor aviary (8ft tall 5ft wide 3ft deep) and need some advice on what plants are safe for my birdies thanks!

Re: New member

Posted: 09 Sep 2023, 19:34
by BrettB
Hello Will,

I think you will find you are limited by what will grow indoors.
Gouldians tend not to chew or pick at plants, so the risk of poisoning from the plants is very low, even if the plants are toxic.
For instance I have a large Monsteria in one of my aviaries, which has a horrible white sticky sap if you cut the leaves, but no problem with the birds.


Re: New member

Posted: 10 Sep 2023, 11:53
by finchbreeder
As you will be growing in pots - try some of their birdseed. It is good food for them and can be rotated in and out of the avairy.
Other than that - as Brett has said - houseplants like decorative Ivy. I have had the outdoor Ivy in the avairies without problems.