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A hotter summer

Posted: 10 Feb 2024, 10:01
by finchbreeder
Hope all my fellow West Aussies and your birds are coping with this hotter summer.
More days over 44 than under in Feb to date.
I've lost a young canary and 3 old Red Zeb Cocks, to the heat, but otherwise the birds are handling it moderatelhy well.
Regular water bowl floodings through the day and leaving them alone.

Re: A hotter summer

Posted: 10 Feb 2024, 20:49
by BrettB
Last summer in Perth was pretty mild, not so this year.
Last week or two have been very hot
My avairy is shaded by trees, birds seem to cope pretty well
We have seen a big influx of native birds into the garden to take advantage of the water and shade


Re: A hotter summer

Posted: 11 Feb 2024, 10:57
by finchbreeder
Half of my avairies have been altered since the tree cover was reduced for safety.
Now have 2 layer rooves. Wire at regular height and another layer above that to make a shade cover with breeze gap between. It seems to be working.
The trees were big and old and starting to break in strong winds - judicious pruning was required.
5 out of the past 8 days at 44 or above is taxing, but surviving well since the initial loss.